The Sohonzan Zentsu-ji Head Temple is in Zentsuji, a city situated in the center of Kagawa Prefecture on Shikoku island.

3-3-1 Zentsuji-cho, Zentsuji City, Kagawa Prefecture 765-8506 (within the Sohonzan Zentsuji head temple)

By Car

Approx. 10 minutes from the Takamatsu Expressway Zentsuji Interchange.The visitor carpark is located on the west side of the temple grounds.

Maximum capacity: 350 cars Open from: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Fee: Ordinary car 200 yen, Minibus 300 yen, Large bus 500 yen

For wheelchair users or people with physical disabilities

The Saisei-bashi Bridge leading from the visitor car park to the temple grounds is difficult to use for people in wheelchairs.

Please inform one of the staff at the visitor car park fee collection area, and someone will come to guide you to the Kagawa Omoiyari Car Park (free)

and issue you a parking permit.

By train

From Takamatsu

Ride time / about 45 min

From Okayama

Ride time / about 50 min

From Okayama

Ride time / about 70 min

By Plane

From Takamatsu Airport

Ride time / about 70 min