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Around Zentsuji City

Sanukinomiya (Kagawa Gokoku Shrine)

sanukinomiya kagawakengokokujinja


The souls of the war dead from Kagawa prefecture, who have dedicated their lives for the country since the Meiji Restoration, are enshrined in the shrine. It began when General Nogi Maresuke of the 11th Infantry Brigade conducted a memorial service for the war dead for the first time at the parade ground in Zentsuji in 1899. The shrine was completed in 1941 through voluntary work conducted by the citizens in the prefecture with trees donated from all over the country. The main building enfolded by deep greenery has a calm and refined appearance. Votive rituals take place throughout the year, and the Lantern Festival takes place in August to commemorate the war dead and to wish for eternal peace.

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4-5-5 Bunkyo-cho, Zentsuji City, Kagawa Prefecture